Personal life update - new car and new lingerie!

As many of you who have joined me in using already will know, I recently FINALLY got myself a new (old) car! It's my first non-banger and I'm excited to finally be driving around in something where the doors can stay shut whilst I'm turning a corner!

It's been a long time since I last drove so I am trying to re-learn how to not cause chaos on the roads! I've added a few things to my Amazon Wishlist that I'm keeping an eye on, such as dashcams and CCTV for the front of my house as I need to park alongside a road there; if anyone has any personal recommendations with which bits of equipment are best, please do share that with me! It's all still a bit of an alien concept with me!

As I type this, I should be getting along with my physics assignment for uni, but as I sip my third espresso of the day I think my fingers are moving too fast for my brain to keep up, anyway! 

PS- it's a new lingerie day today; what do you think? Although what I uploaded to OnlyFans earlier would disprove that I wore this for long enough!

Keep in touch, guys! Mel x


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